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     In conjunction with Oracle Tuning, we are proud to announce our latest industry partnership, Flyin' Miata.  FM(Flyin' Miata) is one of, if not the most renowned Miata performance tuning companies out there. With this partnership we plan to help expand FM's presence on the east coast, while at the same time getting our feet wet in the niche Miata market.

     Some who see this that know of our German roots will wonder why we are delving into such a specific Japanese vehicle's market, while Miata owners will hopefully rejoice in the fact that a shop of our caliber has decided to do so. It may come as surprise to most but we have been working with Ken Hill of Oracle Tuning for some time now and have decided to kick it up a notch and take on the sales and mechanical aspects so that he can focus solely on tuning. 

     At APTuning we are always open to new and exciting challenges and experiences, this venture gives us the opportunity for both. This also gives a more complete experience for customers of FM, Oracle Tuning and APTuning as we are able to provide the initial sales & support, installation services, as well as in house dyno tuning.  We have found through the years that the Miata clientele is a great crowd to deal with, they are very down to earth and it seems like 110% of them are into some form of racing, which is a win/win in our book.  With this partnership we strive to bring APTuning's knowledge and expertise, as well as fair prices and superior workmanship to Miata owners for years to come.  Keep an eye on our site as we start to add Miata specific sections as well as the full FM product line to our established online store. 

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