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Interested in joining the APT Team?

If you have a passion for all things automotive and take pride in your work, APT is always open to having someone new join our team. Feel free to send in a resume at any time for consideration or keep on file. Please send to


Entry level technician - This would be a position for someone fairly new to the world of vehicle upgrades and repairs but has a good basic understanding of cars, parts, and turning wrenches. Must have a strong willingness to learn and follow directions, also must be willing to "pay their dues" and open to doing what might seem like mundane tasks.


Experienced Technician - This position would be for a technician which has been in the game for awhile, has experience turning wrenches for living and isn't afraid to take on pretty much any job that comes his way, no matter the make of vehicle or technical level of the task. "Experienced techs" would be those that enjoy doing something new to them and are confident in their diagnosis skills. They can also complete jobs with just basic direction and would have their own tools/box.


Service Advisor - The service advisor position would be for the individual who knows vehicle mechanicals and how things function/perform but might not be experienced or interested in turning wrenches for a living. They must be very customer focused, and comfortable being the middle man between the service department and the vehicle owner. Such as quoting out jobs, recommending/explaining repairs/upgrades, etc. 


Website Manager - Have computer/web skills but not interested in working on cars, yet still share the passion for power? This may be right up your alley. Tasks would include adding product and content to the website, processing orders and working with the shipping department on such orders.


Social Media/Content Creator - Love cars and want to share your creative skills with the world? This might be the perfect fit for you. We have had a presence on Facebook, Instagram, etc for years, but feel it's long overdue to kick it up a notch. Basic pictures and a witty comment are so 2015, if you think can you take/edit quality pictures, videos, and advertisements that can put APT at the top of the social media stage we would love to have you on our team.