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APR is pleased to present the ultimate engine control unit (ECU) upgrade for the 2.0T EA888 Gen 3 engine!

APR’s ECU Upgrades are the best dollar-per-horsepower modification one can make to the 2.0T engine. The upgrades dramatically increase horsepower and torque, making for an exceptionally quicker and more exciting vehicle. This is made possibly through APR’s optimization of the factory engine management system to take full advantage of the engine’s capabilities, without needing any end user adjustment. The software loads to the factory ECU through the OBD-II port, resulting in a clean and headache-free install.

The APR Stage I ECU Upgrade is the first step towards making more power! This simple upgrade requires no engine hardware modifications, and produces 306-314 HP with 367-388 FT-LBS of torque depending on fuel grade. Gains as high as 61-68 HP and 100-111 FT-LBS of torque are available throughout the power band, depending on fuel grade and factory output, making the vehicle exceptionally quicker in all scenarios. 





APTuning is proud to now offer the amazing Vossen wheel line up! 


Vossen is dedicated to providing quality wheels and lifestyle products for those who value excellence. Our brand aims to reflect a passion for ingenuity and a desire to impact not only the automotive world, but culture at large.  

At Vossen, we place a high emphasis on design. Like our customers, we value the time and work that goes into creating and manufacturing products that are innovative and aesthetically pleasing. A commitment to providing our customers with the best has positioned Vossen at the forefront of our industry. From our events to our renowned world tours, our supporters feel a sense of pride in the standards we uphold. 

Established with the intent to provide a superior product, today Vossen holds a position as one of the trendsetting brands in the industry. Our passion, muchlike our commitment to excellence, extends into every facet of what we do. From engineering to design and manufacturing, Vossen is redefining the landscape of modern wheel craftsmanship. With three decades of experience and a distribution network of over 36 countries across the world, our customers have come to expect nothing less than sheer quality and innovation. 

Over time, the Vossen name has come to represent much more than a product. Millions have come to identify with our vision, taking cues from the ways in which we creatively engage our public as well as set the standard of perfection. From international media tours and weekly local gatherings to an ever-growing social media presence, Vossen is leading the way in an evolving automotive industry. Our team continues to apply the knowledge and skill with which the company was founded. Breaking barriers and pushing the boundaries of creative output, Vossen is spearheading a movement of those who desire the best in performance and lifestyle. Roll with us as we create the culture of tomorrow. 



While VW and Audi are our roots. It's no secret we love pretty much all European cars. For years we have serviced and repaired them for our clients, but never really had an offering to fill the void on performance. Well we are proud to announce we are now an authorized dealer for ESS Tuning supercharger systems! They are one of the leaders in supercharger performance with many cars powered by their kits setting records and being the fastest around. We look forward to bringing our experience to the table to better cover other markets when our clients get that itch for more power!

Why ESS?

Uncompromised Performance. We live, breathe, and speak it. It’s in our blood, stirs our soul, and defines who we are as a company. For those who understand and those who seek the same, we’re here to lead the way. We’re the vanguards of our craft, charging ever forward, always pushing the limits of what’s possible. There’s no room in our world for half-done solutions. Uncompromised Performance means we bring you the whole package: Speed, Comfort, and Reliability. Nothing is left to chance.

ESS Tuning was founded in Aremark, Norway in 1995, providing supercharger solutions to the mighty BMW platform. Since then, we’ve amassed a legendary reputation as the largest BMW supercharger system manufacturer in the world, and as a well-known innovator in the chip and tuning sector with our extensive expertise in Bosch and Siemens engine control systems. Our products undergo the strictest production standards and unmatched testing, all part of our goal to achieve uncompromised performance.

First, we dial in our tune and run our computerized load dyno tests beyond anything feasible of even the most spirited driving. After which, our development cars are put through a grueling 50,000 mile test involving time on the track, high speed autobahn driving, extreme heat and cold, as well as your normal everyday commute. We ensure that only OEM grade components and materials are used in everything we make. Finally, fit and finish is key, making sure that everything comes together underneath the hood, no fabrication required. In addition, all extra power made from our kits is delivered in a smooth and balanced manner, just as the factory would have intended. Simply put, we don’t release our products until it passes our rigorous standards.

All our systems are designed to reach maximum performance at safe boost levels on stock, unmodified engines. Each kit is totally complete, down to every last detail, to make installation and ownership easy and problem-free. We also provide a 2-year unlimited mile warranty on our street supercharger kits and fast technical service and support.

In the quest for true uncompromised performance, no one rivals ESS Tuning.