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     It is finally here! The greatest thing to ecu tuning since program switching!! APR Mobile allows program switching, fault code diagnostics, high speed data logging and much more all from your iPhone or compatible device!

Note: Use of this part requires downloading the app from Apple iTunes as well as an updated ecu flash.

APR Mobile App - Download Here!

APR Mobile Dongle Can be Purchased Here!



     No gimmicks, no hype. I'm not gonna try to tell you these are the best coil out there or are comparable to $1K+ systems, but I honestly think they are the best entry level coil available for a couple hundred dollars. In todays world not everyone has thousands to spend on suspension so with the help of WRD we want to offer a quality kit for the average daily driver. You really can't beat the bang for the buck.

     The WRD Advantage Coilovers provide a perfect balance between comfort and performance. With threaded shock body's and perches that allow you to adjust the springs to give your VW or Audi the ride height you desire, lowering the center of gravity and increasing the performance and handling. All while maintaining a budget.

     Now most people will look at this and think, "Big deal, another cheap coil over kit!", but this isn't that. The WRD Advantage coil-overs have many features not found in other systems. Such as:


  • Chrome plated shock bodies - other manufactures are bare metal or nickel plating which offers little to no corrosion resistance and can leave coils junk after just one winter.

  • Black powder coated springs and anodized perches - frankly they just look better and more appealing, while offering further corrosion protection.

  • Spring rates and Shock valving chosen by WRD - WRD obviously knows their way around the track and suspension setup, why not go with their way rather then what some random company "thinks" will work.

  • 3year Limited Warranty - This alone should give anyone piece of mind, if a reputable company in the U.S. is willing to give this length of warranty you know they stand behind the product.

The WRD Advantage coils are available for MK2/MK3/MK4/MK5/MK6
*Sorry there currently is no fitment for the new Jetta with solid rear beam or S model which has a smaller front strut bod